PharmBlue, LLC. makes donation for Hurricane Harvey victims
200 doses of Tetanus vaccine donated by PharmBlue to Triangle Area Network Healthcare in Beaumont, TX in wake of Hurricane Harvey.

“TAN Healthcare would like to thank PharmBlue of Texas and the entire Pharmblue family for their support in this time of need. Supporting Hurricane Harvey relief efforts with Tetanus vaccines for the entire community of Southeast Texas is vital at this time especially with our everyday partners like Pharmblue. #409Strong #TexasStrong #TeamTAN”

Clay Hutchison

Director of Operations, TAN Healthcare

“Each year since 1996, Someone Cares has met the challenge in providing essential and much needed services to the LGBTQ community, marginalized, indigent, homeless and high at-risk populations.

Someone Cares’ partnership with PharmBlue Pharmacy has allowed us to generate revenue through the 340B revenue savings plan and to expand on much needed services to an under-served community that faces escalating health disparities.

‘HIV positive client Kelvin is now able to purchase his medication each month through a reputable pharmacy that is professional and understands his needs. He is excited about the anonymity of being able to receive his meds at his home and that his meds are labeled for daily usage.’

 Our partnership has increased our revenue stream and has helped us build successful health outcomes with client adherence.


Thank you again, PharmBlue!”

Ronnie Bass

Founder/CEO, Someone Cares LGBT and Ally Resource Center

“A gentleman…was having nothing but problems at Walgreen’s and received outstanding help from [their PharmBlue pharmacist].  I do not have [the pharmacist’s] email, but I wanted to tell him that [the patient] called and said, ‘thank you for everything you have done’!” Anonymous Patient

“Muy buen servicio y atencion. Muchas gracias.” Anonymous Patient

“Kudos to Management:

Please take a moment to read my expressions of appreciation for the excellent concierge pharmacy services you provide.

My medical conditions made it difficult to keep track of what refills needed ordering and when. Going to pick them up felt like a huge production, and I tended to avoid dealing with it until too late. It was detrimental to my health.

Once I got up and running with my [medication] concierge, the difference was night and day. She keeps track of ongoing meds, gets new meds to me quickly, and handles all my concerns graciously. Mostly, it works like clockwork.

[Her] cheerful personality is icing on the cake.

Now instead of dreading med-reorders, I don’t think much about it at all, until the next package arrives.

Thank you for this wonderful service. I tell a lot of people about it, because it’s such a blessing.”

Anonymous Patient

“PharmBlue has proven to be a fabulous partner in providing pharmacy services to our clients and helping our agency expand services to our neediest clients.” John Gardner

Executive Director, AIDs Delaware

“Javier responds quickly when we have requests or need help and is wonderful at keeping us up-to-date on PharmBlue and 340B.” Caitlin Baskerville

Kent Sussex Counseling Service

“LMHC is a non-profit corporation that has been providing behavioral health care services in West Central Minnesota since 1949.  We provide a wide array of services in a multidisciplinary team setting and are very invested in providing integrated care for our clients, many with complex medical and mental health needs.  Our partnership with PharmBlue has greatly enhanced our ability to achieve organizational goals.  The Medication Concierge has become a valued member of our care team.  The refill management and specialized packaging contribute to better medication compliance and improved outcomes.   With PharmBlue staff on site, our clients are much more likely to ask medication questions when they know and trust the pharmacy staff.  Thank you PharmBlue!” Donna Baker

Interim Chief Executive Officer, LMHC

“I was very pleased to have received the fast service as I did.” Anonymous Patient

“My medicine has been coming on time and I am very happy with my services”. Anonymous Patient

“I like the packaging so much better. It is so much easier to keep track of my meds.” Client

“I Love PharmBlue! It is convenient, the packaging is so helpful, having the MedCon on site has so many advantages for the clinic and the clients.” Iris