For years, the local community has turned to PharmBlue LLC and affiliates for its pharmacy needs. As pharmaceutical treatments and insurance have grown more complex, we have continued to enhance and expand our care support capabilities. As a privately owned, independent pharmacy, our top priority is always improving the health and wellbeing of our patients.

We offer many services now considered uncommon for a retail pharmacy. We offer free face-to-face consultations during normal business hours, phone consultations 24/7 any day, insurance experts, and a wide array of supplements and other over-the-counter items. We have state of the art systems and procedures designed to reduce the stress and uncertainty often felt by members and their physicians. By eliminating these issues, both the patient and physician can focus more on treatment and healing.

We collaborate with clinicians to tailor our clinical treatment programs to match the challenging health conditions and complex drug therapies associated with specialty disease states. This approach applies to all the conditions we help treat, such as HCV, HIV/AIDS, Behavioral Health, Pain Management and others.


When patients have multiple medications, they have difficulty consistently taking them all on time. We can demonstrate very high levels of member compliance due to documented periodic communication with patients, resulting in better clinical outcomes. Our specialized packaging and refill management help us keep our patients on track.

Our data suggests that patient adherence in a normal, unstructured retail pharmacy setting might be as low as 20 – 25%. Our data suggests that patient adherence in our home delivery setting is much better. We pride ourselves on consistent, periodic interaction with patients to determine their status and to sponsor early intervention, if needed.


PharmBlue has developed unique packaging to aid our patients for whom adherence is very important to their continued health. One version contains a seven-day supply, the other a 30-day supply.

Our Right on Time Packs include:

  • Comprehensive pharmacy labeling
  • Description of pill appearance and numeric identifier
  • Color and icons specific to time of day
  • Printed in multiple languages
  • Easy open
  • Optional perforation for enhanced portability
  • No additional charge


Refill Reminders

Our pharmacy team constantly monitors upcoming refill needs and reaches out to our patients to remind them of their upcoming refills and to discuss any issues or concerns they may have. Using our state-of-the-art contact management systems, we can use multiple media formats to augment phone calls to contact the patient. This process helps to ensure high levels of adherence and allows for timely communicate with the care team, if needed.

Refill Synchronization

PharmBlue also works with patients, providers and insurers to synchronize refills so that patients can refill their medications at the same time. On average, our patients take more than five medications at a time, often prescribed by multiple providers. When our pharmacy team fills all medications at the same time, it minimizes confusion and reduces the effort needed for patients to remain compliant. Since transportation to and from the pharmacy is often a challenge for our members, synchronizing meds into one pickup or delivery can save time and money.


One of our longstanding 340B clients in urban Philadelphia recently conducted a review of their HIV positive patients who have enrolled in PharmBlue’s pharmacy program. It shows definitively that our adherence protocols, along with medical case management provided by our client, has a measurable, positive effect on patient outcomes. 5,633 viral load screenings and 1,931 unique patients were studied.

We compared viral load screening results to other patients who were treated by local community pharmacies between 1/1/2010 and 7/28/2014. The average viral load for patients enrolled at PharmBlue for three or more months was 2,772. For those served by other pharmacies for three or more months the average viral load was 16,014.


We focus on the triangle of care: Patient, Physician, Pharmacist. The strength of the triangle is enhanced by frequent communication, truthfulness and acceptance of responsibility by each of its sides. We help to enhance this three-way relationship with structured continuous communication driven by our Customer Care Center, for early detection of non-compliance and intervention. We emphasize safe, secure dispensing of scripts in every instance.

  • Controlled Supply-Emphasis on 30-day supply of drugs. Early refills are done only with physician override.
  • Reinforced Treatment ProtocolsFrequent phone-based interaction with patient and, if needed, with physician
  • Approved Physicians– Background checks of all clinicians to ensure compliance. Closed system only accepts patients enrolled by approved physicians.
  • Secured Pharmacy­– Mandatory drug testing of all pharmacy personnel. State-of-the-art surveillance of pharmacy. Secure inventory management techniques.
  • Tamper-Evident Packaging–Use of compliance packaging to ensure accurate pill count and visual reinforcement of intended dosage. All medications are shipped with discreet external labeling.
  • Authorization and Receipt of Scripts– All medications are shipped with package tracking systems enabled and with patient signature required, providing an auditable chain of ownership for all medications dispensed. We only accept secure e-prescriptions, where permitted, for controlled medications. Prescriptions are never handled by patients or third parties. Hardcopy script is never produced, eliminating the possibility of the presciption being copied or sold. Secure, auditable record of all authorized prescriptions every time.

340B Benefits


  • Significant source of new funds to improve operations or expand care
  • Available extended drug purchase terms, resulting in no out of pocket expenses for the entire collection cycle for dispensed drugs
  • Experienced in initial HRSA qualification and ongoing complianceincluding proven safeguards against double-dipping Medicaid rebates
  • Initial and ongoing training
  • 24/7 access for clinicians and patients
  • Expert inventory, billing, collection and payment management
  • Adherence reporting, resulting in earlier intervention, better outcomes
  • Consistent, periodic coordination with clinicians, patients and case managers
  • Proprietary drug supply agreements, allowing for substantial savings on purchased drugs including 340B inventory


  • Specialized clinical expertise
  • Patient-focused affinity program for over-the-counter items to increase program participation
  • Comprehensive Drug Utilization Review
  • 24/7 access to pharmacy personnel
  • Convenient and confidential delivery of medications to a location(s) of the patient’s choosing
  • Demonstrated high levels of patient compliance resulting in better patient outcomes
  • Custom packaging and compounding available to accommodate special clinical or other needs, including for pediatric patients


  • Wholly separate fulfillment from on site, in-patient or non-340B out-patient pharmacy programs, thereby virtually eliminating diversion issues or concerns
  • Proven safeguards against Medicaid rebate double-dipping
  • Home delivery adds convenience, increasing the probable penetration of eligible out-patient populationsparticularly in extended or rural catchment areas


We offer a range of solutions to providers both on and off-site, to fit the needs and scope of our clients. We work with clients to tailor a solution to fit them, as we know that one size rarely fits all.


PharmBlue provides comprehensive pharmacy services that improve the lives of the patients we serve and the clinicians and service providers who serve them. We provide fully provisioned and staffed on-site pharmacies, where volumes and circumstances allow for it. On-site staff is fully integrated into your workflows and fully connected to all of PharmBlue’s systems and support staff.

An on-site pharmacy affords our shared patients the option to fill all medications, regardless of prescriber affiliation, on-site in addition to the option to receive medications via delivery.


When space is at a premium or where member volumes are insufficient to warrant an on-site pharmacy. PharmBlue may be able to provide you with an on-site Medication Concierge. Our Medication Concierge has full on-line access to patient and other records and systems and works with other PharmBlue staff members to ensure our shared patients receive their medications. All that is required is a desk, access to power and internet connectivity.


PharmBlue offers to initiate Prior Authorizations for shared patients and to train your staff to complete them, using available web-based and other tools.


An on-site pharmacy may not fit all situations, due to space, scale or other issues. In the case of 340b programs, there may be a particular need to minimize investment in drug inventory brought on by multiple locations. In these cases, PharmBlue can consolidate all patient records and manage prescriptions out of a single site. We can then deliver these, where allowed by regulation, to one of our affiliated pharmacies to dispense, or to your site, or directly to the patient depending on their preference.